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If popular, Shenmue City could continue the story from Shenmue 2

One hell of a cliffhanger that could be continued.
One hell of a cliffhanger that could be continued.

For gamers who have played Shenmue 2, we all know that the game ended on one hell of a cliffhanger. Almost a decade later and the cliffhanger is still ongoing. But according to Computer and Videogames, the spin-off mobile and web portal social game Shenmue City could actually continue the plot that was left alone in cryogenic isolation many years ago.

Through an interview, Yu Suzuki said that if the game ends up being popular, timed events could be incorporated that continue the story from Shenmue 2. Here's what he had to say:

With Shenmue City starting off in Japan and heading to Hong Kong, Yu Suzuki states, "I think that Hong Kong and the setting of Shenmue 2 will proceed in the same way in this game. The Shenmue series has a vast storyline, and a lot of it was never rendered in game form, so I hope we can show off some of that content to gamers as well."

"We have plans for time-based events and other version upgrades as we run the service. If we can keep gamers excited and remain popular enough, I think that'll provide us a chance to continue with the story ahead."

He concludes by saying, "I still have a very strong desire to make a Shenmue sequel, but that's not something I can tackle alone -- a lot of other things need to come together before it could happen."

Though Shenmue City will end up being a social game, that can hopefully come to the U.S., it's great to hear Yu Suzuki still thinks about Shenmue and has a strong desire to create another one. Who knows, maybe Shenmue City will be the catalyst to create such motivation.

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