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If only they had been straight.......

If only -they had been straight, they might be alive today.

  • If only -our sexual preference weren’t still considered “different,” it might not seem so funny to invade our privacy with a webcam.
  • If only -the very word we use to describe ourselves, “gay,” weren’t used as a pejorative adjective by much of the world around us, people might not feel so comfortable talking down to us.
  • If only -everyone believed that gay people are also created in the image of God, so many people wouldn’t think of us a unnatural.
  • If only -people paid more attention to the Biblical injunction to love one another instead of selective verses written to help civilize the very hedonistic, pagan world of Biblical times, so many gay teens would not experience the social, verbal and physical lynchings that greet them everyday.
  • If only -people didn’t elect bigots and demagogues to political office, we gay people might be entitled to the same civil liberties as everyone else.
  • If only -politicians, preachers and organizations who say they are "pro-family" didn’t speak of us as freaks and perverts who have evil inclinations, more people might finally realize that we have the same capacity for long-term, monogamous relationships and can just as effectively raise children in loving nurturing homes as straight people.
  • If only -people realized that LGBT people are not some bizarre community that lives elsewhere; we are your sons, daughters, brothers and sisters; we are you neighbors and bosses; we come in all shapes and sizes and personality types, parents might then teach their children to treat us with the same respect as everyone else.
  • If only -more people understood the fear so many gay teens feel everyday in facing the world, those teens might not feel as alone and despondent as they do.
  • If only Billy, Seth, Tyler and Asher had been straight, they might be alive today.
  • If only we gay people were straight.......

But we’re not. Deal with it already. How many more gay teens have to die?


The world is diminshed with the passing of these 4 innocent souls in the past week:

Billy Lucas was a 15 year old high school freshman in Greensburg, Ind. He took his own life at the family home on Thursday, September 23rd following years of bullying from classmates.

Seth Walsh
of Tehachapi, Calif. was 13 years old. He couldn’t take the bullying any longer and hung himself from a tree in the family backyard onTuesday, September 28.

Tyler Clementi was an 18 year old freshman at Rutgers University. He jumped off the George Washington Bridge last week after learning that his private encounter with a male friend had been streamlined live to the world over the internet thanks to his roommate and the young lady in the room next door.

Asher Brown shot himself in the head September 29 at the age of 13 in Houston, TX. His parents are pleading for other parents to take a zero tolerance policy on gay-bullying.


  • Yam Erez 4 years ago

    Whenever I hear anyone argue that homosexuality is unnatural, I want to ask hizzer: You want to talk about unnatural? Ever eaten a seedless grape? Your kid ever eat Fruit Loops? What could be less natural???

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