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If only dogs could talk: But wait, a dog horoscope may be all that you need

The battle for independence begins the moment this pup arrives in your home.
The battle for independence begins the moment this pup arrives in your home.

Have you ever wondered what your dog was thinking? If only it could talk.

Taurus dogs like music and love to sing
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But wait! There is a way for you to learn more about what's going on inside that furry little head. A dog horoscope might be just what you need for insight into your pet's unique personality, moods, and behavior.

Yes . . . just like the rest of us, dogs have zodiac signs and horoscopes too. Does that give you "paws for thought?"

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The basic needs and patterns in all of our lives are strongly governed by the Sun, so Sun Signs are important in identifying your dog's basic personality.

What sign is your dog?
(Dates can vary slightly from year to year)

ARIES - Mar 21-Apr 20 - Leader of the pack
Life for the Aries dog is an exciting, all-consuming challenge. Physically, they are active and energetic, with an almost endless capacity for exercise. In fact, the Aries dog needs (and will demand) long walks several times a day. Aries dogs are accident prone, maybe because of their daring nature and a tendency to leap before they look. And, by the way, the battle for independence with this dog begins the moment this pup arrives in your home.

TAURUS DOGS - Apr 21-May 21 - Don't push me
Taurus dogs are strong, plodding, determined, and fervent kissers. They may be led, but never driven. A somewhat lazy soul, Taurus dog is not big on exercise and would rather sleep than run around. Physically very strong when young, they are prone to getting fat with age. They do so love to eat and can be aggressive about food. Second only to its love of food is its love of music, and it may even "sing along" with an occasional tune.

GEMINI DOGS - May 22-June 21 - The yipper

Gemini dogs are restless, exuberant, and much much more (all at the same time), guaranteed to bring chaos into your home and into your life. Because they can easily communicate their feelings, they soon have their owners very well-trained. Physically, they are likely to be slightly underweight. These split-personality dogs are eternal puppies, quickly bored and needing constant attention. In short, a Gemini dog oozes so much charm that before long they have the entire family (and most of the neighborhood) wrapped around their paw. Be warned, this dog is not overly-faithful and, given the opportunity, it may run away forever.

CANCER DOGS - June 22-July 22 - Home sweet home

Cancer dogs make delightful pets. They are loyal and faithful, no matter how they might be treated by their owners. Cancer dog is patient, tenacious, timid, and retiring, and needs lots of constant petting and reassurance. Physically, Cancer dog is bony with any bulk being found in the shoulder area. Its legs are long in comparison to its body, and its movement has a vague, sideways motion to it. Like Pisces dogs, they love water and will jump into it whenever an opportunity arises.

LEO DOGS - July 23-Aug 22 - Is that a cat?

Leo dog is king - in short, "domineering." So its best to get a jump on it and put them firmly in their place when they are puppies. Physically, they often have well-proportioned bodies, slender legs, and a graceful gait - utterly charismatic. They make ideal show dogs with their regal bearing, erect stance, and commanding presence. Any physical problems they may have will probably be connected to the spine. Leo dogs rarely know the meaning of fear, with one exception - when they are in the presence of cats. All in all, most Leo dogs make affectionate and cheerful companions, but whatever you do, don't ignore them.

VIRGO DOGS - Aug 23-Sept 23 - Please, let me help!

Virgo dog is in its element as a friend and companion living with humans. They even consider being told what to do a real pleasure. And, there'll be no unpleasant surprises for their owners because this dog is the cleanest and most hygienic dog in the Zodiac. Physically, they are strong and muscular, requiring lots of exercise. They also like to spend time in the garden, digging weeds and generally making a mess of things. Take note, this dog does not take kindly to small children, as being trodden on and grabbed does not sit well with them, but unlike the Leo dog, they absolutely adore cats.

LIBRA DOGS - Sept 24-Oct 23 - Less is more

Physically, Libra dogs appear well balanced and well nourished. However, as they age, they have a tendency to bulge and spread. When they are out of sorts, with a dry nose and no enthusiasm for anything, the best cure is 24 hours of starvation. Recovery is usually instantaneous. What can you say about Libra dog - everybody loves 'em. Other dog owners find Libra dogs to be pleasant and well-controlled, as they possess a gentle manner and a great desire to please.What's not to love?

SCORPIO DOGS - Oct 24-Nov 22 - Best friend or worst enemy

Physically, Scorpio dogs are healthy with tremendous powers of physical endurance. Hidden beneath that silky coat you'll find great strength of character. "Inscrutable" probably best describes Scorpio dogs, as they have formidable personalities that can be difficult to understand. Whether you treat them well or badly, they'll never forget it. They'll be either your best friend or worst enemy, and that, as they say, is that. Proficient trackers, they can sniff out even the most subtle of scents. Like Cancer dogs, they have a tendency to overweight in middle age.

SAGITTARIUS DOGS - Nov 23-Dec 21 - Don't fence me in

Sagittarius dogs are complex characters with one basic question: Are they canine or equine? Sometimes they don't know whether to wag their tail or use it to keep the flies out of an owner's face. They are restless, easily bored, and totally unfathomable. Physically, their well-balanced bodies are designed for energetic exercise. Their eyes are exceptionally bright and shiny and their noses wet and healthy. This dog is definitely one you CAN teach new tricks, as they learn so easily its amazing. Warning, Sagittarius dogs are totally unsuitable pets for "house-proud" owners, especially if they have limited access to the great outdoors. In any case, life with a Sagittarius dog will never be dull.

CAPRICORN DOGS - Dec 22-Jan 20 - I usually win in the end

Capricorn dogs, reserved by nature, make amenable pets. Unlike most other dogs, they understand the need for authority, if life is to be smooth and comfortable. Many of the world's most handsome dogs are born under this sign, as almost every Capricorn dog approaches perfection in form and build, regardless of breed. Their one flaw might be an overly long nose, coupled with an under-slung jaw. These dogs are stubborn, so,the commands or calls of their owners are likely to be ignored if they don't feel like listening. Taking walks with Capricorn dogs can also be infuriating, as they forever lag behind.

AQUARIUS DOGS - Jan 21-Feb 19 - More human than canine

Aquarius dogs are deliberate and determined, with a stubborn streak and some peculiar traits that can drive even mild-mannered owners crazy. Physically, they are well-built, often on the tall side for their breed standard, with deep and wide-set eyes. Aquarius dogs are frequently found in the entertainment field, perhaps as circus performers or in a TV series. Often they appear more human than canine, even though the heart of this dog lies with its own kind, and it's happiest when it's off the leash and running with the pack.

PISCES DOGS - Feb 20-Mar 20 Water, I need water

Pisces dogs (like Gemini dogs) are split-personality canines and complicated dogs. The life of Pisces dog is an endless ebb and flow of moods, changeability and contrariness. Deep inside, the Pisces dog is a good dog, who truly desires to please, but in their in-between states, they can be inconsistent and annoying. Water sign Pisces dog is desperately unhappy when out of its element. Rain and their owners taking baths or showers is exciting for them, and with every flush of the toilet, they may come a runnin'. They are prone foot ailments so any sign of limping should be investigated immediately.

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