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If not for the grace of animal rescue organizations: Spay or neuter your pets

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In a Georgia county shelter four beautiful puppies huddled together after they were surrendered by their irresponsible owner. With makeshift leashes tied around their little necks, the pups were led into their kennel. The little ones took comfort in the soft blanket provided by the shelter volunteers whose hearts broke as the "four pack " shivered in fear.

Why were they here in a strange place? What did they do wrong? What happened to the human who fed them breakfast yesterday morning?

Not one of them were ever given a name or a collar.

It's a myth that all puppies get adopted from shelters. The shocking statistics from The Humane Society of the United States report that six to eight million dogs and cats wind up in shelters in the U.S. every year. Of these abandoned, relinquished, and brought into shelters by authorities, a staggering three to four million beautiful animals are euthanized annually.

These puppies, however are lucky!

Angels Among Us Pet Rescue, a non profit in Alpharetta, Ga. dedicated to saving lives of dogs and cats from high kill shelters in the northern part of the state, have now rescued the "four pack" and have graced the adorable pooches with names; meet Beckman and Sharpe (the two males) and Minshew and Mellish (the two girls).

The puppies have already been vetted despite the inclement weather in Georgia today, and these lucky pooches will soon be ready to be adopted.

Please consider helping this fine organization continue their work and help to rescue more of our four legged friends in the future. Click here to help.

If you would like to become a foster for Angels Among Us Pet Rescue, please click here for more information.

Follow the progress of the pups on Facebook by clicking here.

More on each puppy can be found here as well as information on adopting one.

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