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If Mary and Joseph were on Face Book

Mary and Joseph on FB
Mary and Joseph on FB

Perhaps you know a youth or even an adult who doesn’t truly know the historical and scriptural events of the conception and birth of Jesus Christ. Perhaps your local church hasn’t quite explained the fullness of the scriptures that tell how Mary conceived a child by the Holy Spirit when she was just a teenager and betrothed to Joseph. Or perhaps you just haven’t found a way to connect the birth of Jesus Christ to your teen in a way that he or she can connect with.

Unsure how to get your social-networking, Face Book, MySpace, I-Phone and Twitter enveloped friends and family members to tune into the true meaning of Christmas? This contemporary video put together by Igniter Films might just do the trick. (See video to the side of this column.)

Using social networking as a platform for communication, Igniter Media’s artistic and talented team has put together a modern day interpretation of what it may have been like for Mary and Joseph to find out they were about to give birth to the Son of God.

While many won’t like this very loose interpretation, some just might use it to drive home the scriptural context of Christmas. Many youth groups use videos, music, creative arts, dance and drama to reach the unreached. Perhaps this might be a video they could add to their box of tools. What do you think? Disrespectful? Or Ingenious?

Looking for a local church that has a Christmas Eve service to share with your youth or students? They may or may not show a video such as this but if you’re craving to get your kids out of the same old routine and into the Christmas spirit, check out the following Kentucky links for Christmas activities:

SouthEast Christian Church

Okolona Christian Church

Middletown United Methodist Church

Archdiocese of Louisville

New Hope Church, Louisville KY

Walnut Street Baptist Church

Lifepoint Church, Louisville KY

Video courtesy of Check out their site for many more awesome videos, sermons, music and creative ministry ideas.


  • Profile picture of Thomas McAdam
    Thomas McAdam 4 years ago

    Excellent article! A necessary reminder of the reason for the season. We live in a secular world, but the transcendental message of the Messiah is more important today than ever before. --Louisville City Hall Examiner

  • Profile picture of Karen McCracken
    Karen McCracken 4 years ago

    Thank you Thomas. I agree with you whole-heartedly about getting the message out. Have a blessed Christmas and keep up the terrific columns! - Louisville Christian Examiner.

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