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If it sparkles, shines, or shimmers, it's a must have!

courtesy of associated press
courtesy of associated press

This holiday season, it’s not just the tinsel and lights that are glittering and shimmering and making every day more festive. Fashion has followed suit with great new accessories, trims, and details on clothing that bring us back to a time when sequins and beading were more mainstream.

This writer takes the sequins plunge!
Chrissy M. Thornton

In response to the gloom and doom of our country’s economic state, designers have lightened moods with a return to 80s style fashion. Sequins have always been a holiday staple but have now transitioned into daywear. All the shimmer and bling is being teamed with denim and knitwear to tone it down and make it appropriate for any setting!

Whether it be festive collars, belts, hats, or entire shirts and dresses, you can’t go wrong this season as it’s being proven that less is no longer more.