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If it's a pit bull in a San Bernardino shelter, the dog is likely doomed to die

His name is Ralph, and he's a handsome, friendly, two-year-old blue pit bull mix. No one knows why he's being kept in isolation; the volunteers couldn't find any injuries that would preclude his adoption adventure, but nevertheless being a pit bull, no matter how the dog smiles or rolls over on his back for attention, chances are someone just doesn't like him.

Volunteers say that Ralph has a great disposition and tries to use his friendliness to talk his way out of such an ominous place.
Volunteers of San Bernardino City Animal Shelter

And so it may have happened with Ralph, for A466888 sits in an isolated area of San Bernardino City Animal Control where it's dark and the public doesn't visit.

Click here for Ralph's PetHarbor listing; after all he looks fine.

A volunteer states:

"Very handsome...very friendly and happy with my visit. He is in isolation; a dark area in the shelter where no one can walk close to their kennels...the public doesn't go there and no one sees this dogs. Ralph needs extra help. He is super sweet. And is in ISO because his kennel card says injured. All I saw was a normal dog...."

No questions can be asked, no favors can be requested, and no exceptions can be made; thus Ralph's life hangs by a thread.

Click here for the Facebook thread where animal advocates are trying to save this dog. Please share Ralph's plight with friends, relatives, and coworkers. His story has been shared 56 times and no one has shown any interest. Another thread has been started to help raise funds for Ralph's rescue.

Ralph's "exit date" is June 12.

Interested in this gorgeous dog? Please call the San Bernardino City Animal Control, and ask for A466888 by calling (909)-384-1304 or by visiting the shelter at 333 Chandler Ave. in San Bernardino.

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