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If it is God's will, it is God's bill

Without faith it is impossible to please in God generates miracles.
Without faith it is impossible to please in God generates miracles.

God’s economy is a paradox to the standards of economy that drives the world’s standard. How in the world do givers gain? It is a contradiction to end up with more than you had when you gave. However that is precisely how the God’s law of sowing and reaping operates.

Demonstrating your willingness to give shows the love of Christ. Tithing on your income demonstrates you are not in financial idolatry and rebellion. All of these attributes are tangible evidence that you are not greedy.

But what about having to do monumental tasks that are beyond the ability of the individual to do? Doesn’t it obligate God to provide the resources necessary to accomplish the task? This is one of the beauties of being in the will of God….if is God’s will, shouldn’t it be God’s bill? Absolutely!!

The largest obstacle to what God can do through His people, because many are called but few are chosen, is the individual’s own faith. God just does not provide you with an unlimited Visa Card that will take care all of the financial obligations at the beginning of the task. God typically provides as the need arises. This can be a challenging aspect to those following the will of God.

Imagine the doubt in Moses when God declared that Moses would lead the children of Israel out of bondage from the most powerful country in the world by demanding that Pharaoh “let God’s people go”. This was accomplished after a series of plagues taught Pharaoh a valuable lesson that one cannot stand against the will of God. The children of Israel left Egypt with 400-years of back pay also.

This entire process of the children of Israel obtaining their deliverance took place as the need arose and not before. God obligated Himself to work through Moses insecurities and even mistakes to still have God’s intentions done. Moses had faults but God worked through Moses in spite of Moses’ human weaknesses.

God does the same thing today. There are tens of thousands of testimonials of people chosen by God to do tremendous tasks that are far beyond their natural ability to do. Some of these tasks are so huge people fear even disclosing what it is that God told them to do.

Just as the water of the river Jordan did not part until the foot of the priest touched the water, the same dynamic operates today. It takes an act of faith first to prompt God to work a supernatural work through the person demonstrating by their action. It’s like watching an old movie of John Wayne coming to the rescue in the nick of time.

The evidence is overwhelming as those believing in the impossible are blown away by the number of times God shows up with the economic resources or other requirements to accomplish the task at the perfect moment with exactly what is needed. It may cause a near emotional collapse to the individual, but that is how God operates.

God substantiates His will through a second witness just to bring clarity to what was revealed to the individual because “out of the mouth of two or more witnesses”, God will validate His will no matter how spectacular or simple it is.

Finances is merely one area God’s will is substantiated as missionary stories by the hundreds reveals how God will work either inside or outside of the church to provide for His calling. God will even use people outside the faith to provide support to what needs to be done.

God will raise up and use a pagan king to provide the resources to rebuild His city if necessary. God will operate through His people, but do not think God will not raise up even an adversary to complete His will.

One of the greatest plots fabricated by Lucifer was to orchestrate the death of the Promised Messiah in Jesus Christ. God knew what the outcome would be, and God still wove the pieces together to complete His plan for salvation. What looked like Satan’s victory was actually Satan’s defeat.

There are all types of paradoxes in the Bible that contradicts what the world believes is going to happen. What is amazing are the demonstrations of God’s economy that turns what the enemy means for evil, God turns it around for our good.

You really cannot out give God.

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