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If I have great customer service why do I lose customers?

If I have great customer service why do I lose customers?
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An organization with superior customer service will always thrive. This does not mean that you will not lose individual customers. Customer attrition is bound to occur as they die, move away, loser financial well-being or some other situation to which you have no control. You also must deal with new competitors, better products coming online, road closures and predatory competitors to name a few.

Strong customer focus can overcome negative situations and continue to grow your customer base. “There is only one reason you are losing customers” took a look at the reaction of Kmart to a CEO seeking a higher-class image and McDonald's reaction to consumer complaints about the healthiness of their menu. Their customer base did not drop off radically an immediate basis instead of slowly dwindled. Walmart's stubbornness to react to consumer groups wanting it to drop products until the registers told them too obviously cost them some individual customers supporting the protest. However their focus on their customer base allowed them to continue to grow with no negative impact.

We saw the same when Domino's Pizza was boycotted for denying and openly pro-abortion group from touring Domino’s Farms in Ann Arbor, Michigan. They did not flinch, instead picked up new customers when some existing customers supported a boycott on them for pro-life statement made by their CEO. Likewise, Chick-fil-A had a focus on customer support that turned a boycott on them into the best sales day in the company's history.

Gregoire Nleme regularly asks himself some excellent questions regarding his business. In particular he asked himself if his customers can find a better value elsewhere. He knows that if they can they will leave him. His customer focus dictates recognizing when better values are available.

Nleme and others can counter the consumer impression of greater value elsewhere by adding value to current offerings or by teaching his customers that the value elsewhere is only perceived and not actual product or service superiority.

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