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If I could do a “Do over” in photography what would I do?

SmartShoot is responsive
SmartShoot is responsive

If I could do a “Do over” in photography what would I do?

The short answer to my question is nothing, my career happen the way it was suppose to. But, if I had to do a “Do over” for the photography industry I would have definitely wanted to see more sites like SmartShoot earlier on. Here’s why, and it doesn’t get any simpler than this. Business is hard to find when you first start out in photography. is:

“The world's leading site for creative jobs, connecting thousands of creative professionals with new filmmaking and photography jobs every day. Over 50,000 Companies Work With SmartShoot”

I spoke with the SmartShoot Founder, CEO, their engineers, and marketing people to get the scoop on the company and the concept. The one characteristic that was impressive about the group was how personable they were. That made the difference in my experince because it felt like they cared about the industry, their clients, and the functionally of the platform they create on

SmartShoot is free to join; you get a profile page, space for as many images you want load to showcase your work, and a real opportunity to bid on real jobs. For example if you shoot weddings, events, portraits, or my favorite category real estate. All you have to do is search through the job postings, select the job you want and bid on it. If you win the, manages and monitors the workflow until final delivery and thens pays you. It’s just like working for an agency all you have to do is shoot and they manage everything else for a fee.

It is so simple and easy to use SmartShoot I would definitely recommend it. Back in the day, you had to door-knock, send out mailers, and make phone calls it was so much more time consuming and you had to do it yourself.

Recently I launched a new brand site Keith B Dixon Architectural Photography and I am using the SmartShoot profile page as one of my main drivers for business. You can view that page here at

Read more and my feature story at: