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If Heaven is real, is it really waiting?

The movie Heaven is Real opens on April 16th in movie theaters across the country. The movie is based on the New York Times bestseller with the same title. It stars a four-year-old boy named Colton Burpo, who underwent surgery for an undiagnosed burst appendix. During Colton’s illness, he also experienced high fevers and teetered on the border of life-and-death. Colton’s parents Todd and Sonja remained at their son’s side and prayed for a miracle.

Actor Greg Kinnear portrays Pastor Todd Burpo in the movie Heaven is Real.
Photo by Stewart F. House

Fortunately, the little fellow recovered from his illness and survived his ordeal. Afterward, life for the Burpo family resumed as normal in Imperial, Nebraska. Pastor Todd Burpo continued his work for God while wife Sonja continued her role as Colton’s mother.

As Colton gets older, he begins telling his parents about visions he had during his appendix surgery. He told his parents he had visited heaven and met his grandfather, who had died before Colton’s birth. He also said he had met his dead sister and Jesus. Although the book has sold many copies, skeptics have credited Colton’s visions to either being a dream or the usual imagination of any child.

Matthew 18:3 says “I say unto you, except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter the kingdom of heaven.” The passage quantifies the validity of Colton’s belief in God. Another best seller released several years earlier depicted the life of Don Piper in his bestselling 2004 book titled 90 Minutes in Heaven. Author Don Piper was declared dead after a horrific automobile accident. He was then revived and would survive to recount his own journey to heaven. Both books focus on the afterlife.

Although no one knows for sure if heaven is real, it’s the biblical golden standard for those who believe in Jesus Christ’s salvation. Regardless of faith, detractors will always express their doubts. Both books describe the trauma experienced by the authors and their families, and how their faith in God gave them the necessary strength to continue living.

Finally, the website gives readers an opportunity to write letters to deceased loved ones. The website doesn’t stress any specific religious beliefs, but focuses more on coping with losing a beloved family member or friend. The site has received visitors from more than 95 different countries.

Does heaven exist? If so, is it really waiting on our arrival? It’s a question that humans have asked since the dawn of time. If we have the faith of Colton Burpo, we may someday find ourselves knocking at heaven’s door.

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