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If he ever retires...


Scaccia, Rossen, Menino, Consalvo, Tierney

The conclusion to a series covering my interview of Rob Consalvo, Boston City Councilor 5th District.

With a boyish, even impish grin, a teddy bear demeanor, sparkplug energy, and unguarded responses, Consalvo appears to be just the opposite of a man with his hand out.  I asked him to respond to people who say all politicians are corrupt.   He began to list all of the local public offices he could think of, then state, then national.  “Your talking about thousands of hard working people who got into this business because they wanted to do something for their community.  That’s ridiculous.  A few bad ones, and it’s the same in every profession or business, we’re just more visible, a few bad ones give everyone else a bad name.”

What about Boston’s high profile problems?  I asked.  You know,  the indictments of Dianne Wilkerson and your fellow Councilor Turner?  “Wilkerson has already resigned, she failed to get re-elected anyway, and as a State Senator, I didn’t have much contact with her on a daily basis, but I’m keeping an open mind about Chuck Turner.  He deserves a fair hearing.  Chuck is hard working; he’s the first to arrive at meetings and the last to leave.  He fights for his constituents.  I have respect for that, for him.  I’ll wait for the outcome.”

Do you know Ron Wilburn, the man who made the accusations?  “No.  I don’t know him or anything about the specifics.”

How much are you paid? “$87,500.” 

Does your wife work?  “She works part time, about 10 hours a week.”

You have two children?   “Yes.  Amanda, 6 and Anthony, 5. It’s not a lot of money but there are people who make a lot less.  We manage.  It was tougher when Michelle had to spend all of her time at home with the kids.”

What are your primary goals for Hyde Park?  “There are two main goals.  I want to stay closely involved with the complete re-zoning process that is underway.  It will involve all of the commercial and residential property.  We’re using a code that hasn’t been updated since 1965!  I want to bring that up to date.  And I want to stay closely involved with the Hyde Park Retail Market Study being conducted by the BRA.  They’re doing a complete assessment of Cleary and Logan Squares.  This is vital to our future economic health.”

Unlike the rest of us, you are dependent on the public to keep your job.  What would you do if you failed to win re-election?  “I’d like to teach, or do something helping people.”

Who are your heroes?  “My mother and father. Ted Kennedy. Angelo Scaccia!  There’s a man you should talk to.  I worked in Kennedy’s office and then I worked in Scaccia’s office in constituent services.  That’s where I learned the most about how to do this job.  If he ever retires…”

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