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If "God" is unconstitutional, give us our tax dollars back


  • Aaron 6 years ago

    The issue is that this can be used as propaganda again US forces in Iraq, Afghanistan and around the world - by religious extremists. These extremists already wish to portray their acts as a religious act, endorsed by "God" against a group of people they claim to be promoting another "God".....the rest of your argument is filled with many misunderstandings of how foreign aid is distributed and only serves to mislead individuals into think the issue is something entire different.

  • james 6 years ago

    you are an idiot

  • 6 years ago

    Sorry, Aaron, you're wrong on this one. If people are zealous enough over their beliefs not to have any mention of God anywhere in America, then they can walk their talk by turning in their corrupt dollar bills to charity. And as far as what other countries think of us, let me speak for the veterans in my family and all veterans in America - KMA!
    Those extremeists do not care about our values; and neither would they turn their back on their god. So, why are we so easy to forget ours by setting His deserved recognition aside? If we forget the Creator, He might take the option to forget about us.

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