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If Dearborn, Michigan was Gaza, the White House would still have no strategy

Flag of Palestine
Flag of Palestine
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

If Dearborn, Michigan was Gaza, West Bloomfield would be the Israeli city of Ashkelon. Imagine Hamas firing deadly rockets from Dearborn into West Bloomfield day after day, week after week, month after month. The city council and mayor of Dearborn would openly declare they want to exterminate West Bloomfield. Flint would be Jerusalem, the Capital of Israel. To be realistic, it is necessary to imagine that half of Flint is controlled by Muslim neighbors who are sympathetic to their friends in Dearborn to the point of also declaring they want to exterminate West Bloomfield.

This year, Ashkelon has been one of the favorite targets of Hamas rockets. In fact, Muslims in Gaza have been firing rockets and mortars into Israel since 2001, so it is happening year after year as well.

This imaginary Israel would have an important airport in Hartland – the Ben Gurion Airport. Sure enough, Rockets from Dearborn target Hartland in hopes of killing Israelis and hurting their economy.

To be fair, the next thing to imagine is that a group of barbarian friends of Dearborn reside in Grayling. That is where Damascus, Syria would be. Eventually, the folks in Grayling kidnap several people. They get out their camera phones and film themselves cutting off the heads of live captives. They are so giddy about it that they post the videos on YouTube. These maniacs are so happy to cut off the heads of living, conscious people that they constantly chant a phrase that is equivalent to, “thank you, God of Mohammed, for letting us do this.”

So the people of West Bloomfield, Midland, and the cities in between call on the air national guard at Selfridge air base to do what they can to stop the rocket attacks from Dearborn. In response to airstrikes on Dearborn, President Obama finally has had enough and warns West Bloomfield not to overreact. While admitting that he has no strategy to stop the live decapitations or the rocket attacks, the White House is very clear that Selfridge should not hurt the good people of Dearborn.

Anyone with a conscience will sympathize with a civilized state over a band of barbarians.

President Obama’s Mideast strategy, on the other hand, is looking more and more like the Final Solution.

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