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If atheists don't go to a church, they are ignorant about a god?

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I was listening to conservative talk radio and the host decried atheists not going to church, because how could we possibly find a god while not in church, she stated. This statement presumes atheists are ignorant of Christianity, we aren't. In fact, we did better then Christians on a survey of general religious knowledge.

Atheists know more about Christianity often then Christians and we know more about Islam, Buddhism and the origins of religion (including Christianity) then Christians.

But I guess going to church will make us believers, huh? Many atheists were former Christians who did go to church but saw through the absurdities, intolerance (depending on the church) and disregard for basic critical thinking that is all too common in many churches.

Yes, there are Unitarian churches that express support for free-thought and gay rights, but these aren't the churches that are a power in society.

Those usually, especially in the South, are evangelical or fundamentalist type churches. They preach ignorance of science (especially in regards to evolution) and that gays and atheists deserve the supposed eternal torment of this supposed devil and/or god.

Christian conservatives on the other hand are often amazingly ignorant of what atheists believe. No, we don't believe in a devil. No, we don't hate a god we don't believe in. No, we aren't just rebelling.

There are websites like Friendly Atheists or About Atheism which are good in describing the basic beliefs that atheists often hold when it comes to issues like church/state separation (we are for it almost to a person), or why we came to the view that that a god is grossly improbable.



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