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If a band plays in the forest, does it make a sound?

Houston rock band March to the Sea ( Henry Largo, Junior Mancias, Brandon Naranjo, Adrian Gonzalez)
Houston rock band March to the Sea ( Henry Largo, Junior Mancias, Brandon Naranjo, Adrian Gonzalez)
Photo by Justin Duplantis

Let's bring the fear you hold, deep beneath
Out into the sun
Let it begin

-March to the Sea

The local music landscape can be dark and scary place, if you let it.

Let it be scary

If you care about the integrity of music and the command it can have, you’ll let it. You’ll embrace the fear and you’ll be better off. Unfortunately, too many people don’t and the music suffers. Generations of music fans raised on hit-driven and revenue-fueled radio piped into the comfort and safety of their cars have been conditioned to fear the unknown and avoid and even ridicule the unfamiliar. Why would you want to turn off the main road, and risk an uncharted excursion into the thick, untamed forest when you’ve been told everything you’ll ever need to hear is within earshot with little or no effort required other than punching a no thought involved, preprogrammed button?

Convenience over the conveyance of different sounds and fresh ideas is the currency of the mainstream music business.

Hooked on a feeling

It’s the goal of corporate radio to get you hooked with the sugar sweetness of the unthreatening and the familiar and keep you coming back for more and more diluted portions of the same. Eventually, you’ll become complacent, take what you’re given and convince yourself and others that it’s what you’ve always wanted. That’s life on the main road, if that’s what you’ve chosen. However, it’s never too late, or too early to exit that road and save yourself and the state of music as it exists in your world.

Don’t be afraid to leave the luxury and comfort of paved roads and cut a new path of your own through that dark and savage forest of the unknown - the boogeyman of the commercial music industry.

Run to the forest, run

The commercial radio business doesn’t want you going off the beaten (to death) path and into the wilderness because there are things there they don’t understand - music there they can’t categorize neatly into prepackaged marketable genres. They haven’t figured out how to profit off what lurks in the shadows. It’s this realization that scares corporate radio the most and should motivate you even more to get off the main thoroughfare and plunge into the forest. Dare to be different and tear down the boundaries created to obstruct musical diversity.

March to the Sea, a four-piece Houston independent rock band (Adrian Gonzalez - guitar and vocals, Brandon Naranjo - bass, Henry Largo - drums, and Junior Mancias - guitar) is one of those bands that you have to leave the main road and venture into the forest to hear. Sure, it’ll be scary embracing the unknown, so bring a friend if you must, and take the journey together.

March to the Sea has created a enthralling sound of their own, somewhere between Pink Floyd, without the psychological baggage and melodramatic depression and The Alan Parsons Project minus the emotional detachment. It's a well adjusted medium between the two extremes.

On their debut EP “Forest,” March to the Sea marches you headlong into the thick and secluded wilderness, leading the charge with a steady and thunderous, yet ominously appealing roll of drums, bass, guitars and entranced, determined battle cries for action. March to the Sea burns the feared metaphorical forest down, bares all that’s been hidden beneath its surface and exposes it to the light of day. You’re forced to face those infamous fears of the unknown that hold so many back and prevent them from living. "Forest" delivers a welcome and much needed jolt out of everyday normalcy and it validates your decision to stray off the path most traveled and conquer that pervasive fear of the unfamiliar. On the “Forest” EP, you’ll experience things you never would have on the main road - restless demons, spilled blood, secrets revealed, dark-hearted invaders, and nightmare pursuits, and you’ll revel in the hidden beauty they collectively create. You’ll discover the forest can be a menacing and enticing place at the same time, but isn’t that why you came?

Click here to listen to tracks from the "Forest" EP.

You can see March to the Sea play live in Houston at Mango's Music Cafe on January 25, 2014.

To find out more about March to the Sea, you can visit their Facebook page.

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