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IE patch: Major Internet Explorer security issue sees fix to fight new hackers

An IE patch has been issued for Internet Explorer users in the hopes that it might serve as an emergency fix for the major security issue facing the popular browser this week. In an attempt to fight new hackers vying to take advantage of the security bug, Microsoft has released the corrective patch, despite its recent lack of support for Windows XP systems. News Max reports this Friday, May 2, 2014, that the efficacy of the online fix is still being determined, while many Web surfers now seem wary of the browser.

The Internet Explorer Symobl, IE faced a security threat
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The security bug affecting Internet Explorer was first noticed last weekend, and Microsoft has since offered an IE patch in order to help fix the major issue that could leave user information open to hackers. Although the massive company has not backed Windows XP for much of this April 2014, Microsoft nonetheless opted to assist the literal millions of users that continue to use the operating system.

Cybersecurity teams from FireEye Inc. first became aware of the serious Internet Explorer security bug after learning of an advanced team of hackers that were working to exploit the threat. The cyber attacks were apparently part of a larger online information-stealing launch being called “Operation Clandestine Fox.”

Computer World News reveals this afternoon that Microsoft choosing to step in and assist the Windows XP operating system is a “one-time exception,” however. This IE patch in response to the cyber attack marks the first major threat to come to the surface following Microsoft failing to provide support to its former XP operating software since early April.

As of Thursday, Microsoft formally released an online fix for the bug through its Windows Update feature. It seems that this effort was not done for the service system, but for the browser users themselves — for “all of our customers,” said one official in a recent statement. It also seems that there have been a small number of other cyber attacks, but not an overwhelming number of threats.

"We decided to fix it, fix it fast, and fix it for all our customers," spokeswoman Adrienne Hall said on Microsoft's official blog. "There have been a very small number of attacks based on this particular vulnerability and concerns were, frankly, overblown.”

Had Microsoft not stepped in with their security update and IE patch, many unknowing Internet Explorer users might still have their information in jeopardy and be at risk to an online hacker attack.

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