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Idol's Phillip Phillips sees 'Home' top 5 million sold and has a No. 1 hit

'American Idol' Season 11 winner Phillip Phillips performs in Paris, France in March 2013.
'American Idol' Season 11 winner Phillip Phillips performs in Paris, France in March 2013.
Ellen Nivrae, Creative Commons

In the same week he dropped his new single, "Raging Fire," and performed same on "American Idol," Season 11 winner Phillip Phillips truly was -- in a word (or two) - on fire. He was scoring another week at No. 1 for his second single while his first single, "Home," topped the 5 million in sales mark.

Phillip Phillips seems to be leading a charmed life. After battling problems that nearly killed him while he was working on winning the title on "American Idol," whatever the doctors did must have altered his body chemistry, because now everything he touches turns to gold and platinum. As Yahoo Music reported March 9, Phillips' second single from his platinum-selling The View From The Side Of The Moon, "Gone, Gone, Gone" topped the Adult Contemporary Recurrents chart for the third straight week. The song has already sold over a million copies.

And if that news wasn't enough for Phillips' fans, then the news the the show's top-selling single of all time, the Georgia native's first single (and "Idol" Season 11 coronation song), "Home," topped the 5 million mark in sales. It passed Kelly Clarkson's "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)" last year and just kept going.

What made that little tidbit all the more exciting for Phillip Phillips was the fact that on the current season, the Top 12 contestants performed songs that reminded them of their homes. The theme, of course, was "Home," and Phillips appeared on the show and sang -- no, not "Home," although there was a clip of finalists and bunches of people singing the catchy hit -- "Raging Fire," the first single off his upcoming and as yet untitled sophomore album.

"Raging Fire," which was released just days earlier (March 3), burned up the iTunes chart, quickly landing in the Top 10 on the iTunes Hot 100 Songs list in the next couple hours after he performed on the show.

The Toronto Sun recently noted that Phillips seems to be battling to become the hardest working man in music. Just why that might be surfaced in an interview where the Sun asked, since he was the last winner of "American Idol" to have a hit, did he find the show still relevant?

"It is a great platform," he said via phone from Los Angeles, "but after the show you have to... sometimes you have to do some things that won’t make you money or might seem weird, but in the long run it will help. To me it’s not about winning, it’s about wanting to be successful. Once the show’s over, the show’s over. You have to work hard — nothing is ever handed to you, and that’s how I treat things."

And it looks as if the hard work is paying off.

Currently, Phillips is touring Canada as his album is being mixed and packaged. He kicked off a 15-city tour that began the same week he returned to the "Idol" stage. The tour began in Halifax and will continue through March 28 in Vancouver.

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