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IDLife Nutritionals

“A rose is a rose is a rose” is a fitting description if you’ve never explored the variety and beauty of roses. The same theory applies to nutritional supplements. The variety is extensive, but quality varies. So, how do you determine the quality of a supplement, and determine which ones meet your specific needs? Simple - answer a few questions.

Individualized Nutrition
Individualized Nutrition
Nancy Johnson - Founding Member
Nancy Johnson

Nancy Johnson wasn’t in the market for health products when she was introduced to IDLife. She kept an open mind, however, and did her due diligence to learn more about the company and its product line. She was immediately impressed by the company’s leadership. She was intrigued that “ID” stands for “Individually Designed” and “Life”…well, that’s self-explanatory. But what really caught her attention was the free online assessment that takes the guesswork out of determining what nutrients you need. It even advises whether to take them with breakfast or dinner to receive the greatest benefit. The HIPAA compliant questionnaire, exclusive to IDLife, gives you the incentive to take control of your health.

Many factors come into play when determining efficacy of a supplement. The IDAssessment takes into consideration such things as current health conditions, prescription meds being taken, allergies, lifestyle and family history. Upon completion of the assessment, you’re provided with a detailed report for your recommended supplements. There is no obligation to make a purchase. The assessment is free. However, the data in the report is what will most likely compel you to make a positive lifestyle choice. And as your health requirements change, or even the seasons, you can take another free assessment to reevaluate your nutritional needs.

It’s pretty common to look for certain buzz words when making healthy food and supplement choices. You’ll find them on IDLife, gluten-free, casein-free, soy free, non-GMO, Stevia sweetened. It’s pretty obvious by the care IDLife has put into manufacturing its pharmaceutical grade products that they recognize one size does not fit all.

IDLife carries it one step further by combining quality with convenience. Daily supplements are individually packaged in a convenient perforated strip. On the go? Tear off the packets you’ll need and drop them in your pocket so you don’t miss a beat. Each packet lists the specific supplements and time of day they need to be taken.

You want and deserve the best. Take the free assessment online, or call Nancy for more information, but get started today!

Nancy Johnson, Director and Founding Member
Phone: 713-560-4431

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