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iDisappointment: Apple iPad is either an oversized iPhone or under-powered MacBook

Steve Jobs holding the iPad at its launch
Steve Jobs holding the iPad at its launch
AP Photo/Paul Sakuma

Earlier this week Apple launched its new tablet computer, the iPad, to a lukewarm reaction both in Detroit and nationwide. The device runs and looks like a 9.7-inch iPhone.  Although, being in a category with the iPhone isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The big question seems to be what the iPad will be used for. It’s too big to keep in your pocket at all times, but lacks the power and tools to replace laptops. 

The thing that has most people disappointed are the features conspicuous in their absence from the tech specs on  These are the features that the iPad is lacking that have people shaking their heads in disapproval:

  • No Multitasking- This is only barely acceptable on a phone, the iPad will struggle to replace a laptop with its processor having tunnel vision.
  • No Camera-not a huge problem for most, but this means no video conferencing which could be a deal breaker for others.
  • No Flash compatibility-Apple brags about web browsing and watching videos on the iPad, but most videos and games on the web are flashed based.
  • No USB or SD card connections- Adapters can be bought, but not including something built-in will make using other devices or uploading pictures from a camera unnecessarily difficult.

That being said, there is no doubt that this device is still cool. Imagine getting on a 10-hour flight and listening to music, playing games, reading books, and watching movies the entire time using just one device. Awesome!

However, now try to think of another time when you would rather have the iPad instead of an iPhone or MacBook. The iPad is definitely a cool toy, but only time will tell if it can become anything other than just a toy.

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