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Idiotic food blogger persuades Subway to remove additive from bread

Subway's healthy meals
Subway's healthy meals

Responding to a pressure group campaign by a scientifically illiterate food blogger, Subway announced that it was removing the moisturizing and dough improving agent azodicarbonamide from their breads. Calling the perfectly safe additive “an ingredient in yoga mats” blogger Vana Hari who fancies herself the F**d B*b* created a media campaign with no scientific basic to demonize a compound she couldn’t pronounce.

Hari, who has no training in chemistry, biology or nutrition, likes to stir up her gullible followers with meaningless campaigns about anything she doesn’t understand.

Here’s a tip for her: It’s pronounced phonetically:

  • Azo-di-car-bon-am-ide (with a short “i”)

They do teach this in chemistry classes!

Here’s another: Paracelsus, the Swiss scientist who pioneered the concept that

The dose makes the poison.

In other words, anything may be poison in sufficient quantity. However in the limited doses of 45 ppm in flour mixtures, it has been declared Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) by the FDA. And unlike Hari, they examined scientific data to reach this conclusion.

More disgracefully, not a single major news outlet pointed out the hypocrisy of banning a perfectly safe dough additive because of pressure from the ill-informed.

It might be better to praise Subway for their campaign to produce lower fat, more healthy sandwiches with more vegetables than report their succumbing to pointless pressures.

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