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Idina Menzel and Jimmy Fallon perform ‘Let It Go’ with classroom instruments

On March 3, Idina Menzel performed yet another version of "Frozen's" Oscar-winning song “Let It Go.” Menzel appeared on Monday night's “Tonight Show" to sing the song with the best backup band ever: Jimmy Fallon and The Roots.

Idina Menzel sings "Let It Go" on the "Tonight Show." Jimmy Fallon and The Roots performed classroom instruments in the show's stripped-down version of the Oscar-winning song from Disney's "Frozen."
Lloyd Bishop/NBC

As audiences have come to expect from Fallon and The Roots, the “Tonight Show’s” version of “Let It Go” offered a now-familiar quirky take on the song. It was performed using classroom instruments, including a toy xylophone, kazoo, tambourine, ukulele and a keyboard harmonica. Fallon added a whimsical touch with his use of building blocks with the letters L-I-G (standing for, of course, “Let It Go”).

Menzel herself got into the classroom spirit of the cover, adding to her extensive musical resume skills the ability to play the triangle. Intermittently, of course, as Menzel's s voice served as her primary instrument. She belted out the song with the style that fans of Disney’s “Frozen,” as well as her many Broadway followers, have come to expect.

As for Jimmy Fallon? After being very careful to correctly pronounce Menzel’s name – a nod to John Travolta’s odd mangling of the singer’s name when introducing her performance at Sunday’s Academy Awards, something Fallon referenced in the show's opening – the “Tonight Show” host smartly let Menzel take center stage with the performance.

Of course, Fallon and The Roots did join in by singing the show’s showstopper line, “The cold never bothered me any way.” After all, who could resist such an opportunity?

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