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iDevices Kitchen Thermometer, cooking without being tied to the oven

Cook anywhere with iDevices Kitchen Thermometer
Cook anywhere with iDevices Kitchen Thermometer

The old saying proves true. The party always ends up in the kitchen. Why is that? Maybe guests feel bad that their host is tied to the stove or oven preparing all the food. It is time to cut the kitchen tether with a little help from iDevices Kitchen Thermometer.

From the creators of the iGrill, the iDevices Kitchen Thermometer and Kitchen Thermometer mini connect to your smart phone or personal device via Bluetooth. No longer is the chef tied to the the oven. Wander around the backyard, check on the kids in the playroom or walk up to 150 feet away and still know the temperature of your dish.

The Kitchen Thermometer/mini Features are:

  • Magnetic Mounting: allows for convenient mounting anywhere in your kitchen. Use the optional magnetic disc for mounting on non-magnetic surfaces with two-viewing positions, so you can clearly see the display.
  • No need for manual pairing: with Bluetooth Smart technology.
  • 150-Foot Bluetooth Range: lets you break free from the kitchen.
  • Multiple Probes with Full-sized Kitchen Thermometer: monitor two temperatures simultaneously.
  • 200 Hours of Battery life: on just 2 AA batteries for the full sized device and a coin-cell battery for Kitchen Thermometermini.
  • Illuminated Display: checks temperature quickly with the proximity sensor LED display on the full Kitchen Thermometer. Kitchen Thermometer mini has a Smart LED with a progression of colors to indicate the doneness of your food.
  • Probe Wrap: keeps probes neatly wrapped and stored on the back of the unit when not in use.

Plus, the app can alert the user when the food is ready. Whether you want your steak at a perfect medium rare or want to make sure that the chicken is fully cooked, the iDevices Kitchen Thermometer has you covered.

Kitchen Thermometer has an illuminated display with two probes to monitor two dishes at once, retailing for $79.99 and Kitchen Thermometer mini is a compact, one probe thermometer for $39.99.

To celebrate Mother’s Day from now through May 11th, iDevices will offer $10 off the purchase of the full version of Kitchen Thermometer for $69.99 at or, just use coupon code MDAY14 at checkout.

The Kitchen Thermometer works with the iDevices Connected app, available free through the App Store. The interface has a customizable dashboard, sharing functionality and exclusive recipes.

It is time to enjoy the party, get out of the kitchen and still have a perfectly cooked meal thanks to iDevices Kitchen Thermometer.

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