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Identifying and Maintenance Methods for Rosewood Furniture

Rosewood furniture is popular for natural appearance, environmental friendly property, health. Knowing some tips for identifying rosewood furniture and the proper maintaining methods can help us find satisfied piece and prolong its service life.

Identifying tips for rosewood furniture quality

Observe the furniture surface: crack, knurr, worm hole, moldy is the defects of rosewood. So check carefull when shopping rosewood furniture. Fine and smooth wood grain, clear texture, attractive colour and luster, corresponding wood grain on both sides, heavy voice when knocking it – these are the features of high quality rosewood furniture.

Check whether door sheet, side plate is made of rosewood: most people will forget to check whether the side plate is rosewood or not. All the parts of rosewood furniture should be made of rosewood, including table top, door sheet and side plate of wardrobe etc.

Test the paint quality: the paint on the furniture surface is the most effective way to block humidity. So check whether all the furniture surface is painted. The paint of rosewood furniture should be well-distributed, burr-free, smooth, no air bubble.

Bearing test of rosewood furniture: press different part of rosewood furniture slightly to check whether the force bearing point and supporting leg is firm. High quality rosewood furniture has good stability. There would be no hollow and vibration feeling when pressing it.

Test the connection of each part: the connection way is always the expression of rosewood furniture technology and quality. High quality rosewood furniture uses tongue-and-groove joint. Reinforce for position with large force bearing with screw and protection block.

Maintenance tips for rosewood furniture

Humidity proof: according to rosewood professionals, the relative humidity for placing rosewood furniture should be controlled 50% to 65%. Air humidity higher or lower than it will cause the crack and deformation of rosewood furniture. When the room terrain is low, soft and thin mat or podotheca should be used to separate the furniture from the floor to prevent corrode by humidity. Furniture should have 0.5cm to 1cm interval to wall.

Far away from heat source and air conditioner: rosewood furniture should be at least 1 meter away from heat source and the air outlet of air conditioner in summer. When placing too close to the heat source and the air outlet of air conditioner, the water content of rosewood furniture will evaporate excessively; this will cause the deformation of mortise and tenon joint and the crack of panel.

Avoid exposing rosewood furniture under sunlight in long time: : sunlight is the enemy of rosewood furniture. The paint film of rosewood furniture will fade, even fall off for ultraviolet ray. The ultraviolet ray can also damage the fiber structure and reduce the mechanical strength. So we should avoid placing rosewood furniture under sunlight. Glass window with thickness more than 3mm and cloth curtain, bamboo curtain, sun shield, louver should be combined to block sunlight.

Avoid cleaning with chemical solvent: professional detergent or tea water can remove the stain on rosewood furniture effectively. Chemical solvent containing alcohol, gasoline will damage the paint and its gloss. So they should be avoided.

Dedust every day: Dust will affect the appearance of rosewood furniture and shorten its service life, so clean the dust on the furniture every day. Wipe lightly along the direction of wood grain with soft cotton cloth. Do not clean with rough rag or wet towel. It will damage the furniture surface and cause crack.

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