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Identical triplets: Rare, naturally conceived triplets born to California couple

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Identical triplets were born to a California couple at about four minutes apart and these babies were conceived without the help of fertility treatments. According to ABC News on Jan. 22, the couple knew they were having triplets, but seeing three identical newborn boys for the first time is a breathtaking sight.

April Dooley’s sons, named Patrick, Owen and Liam, had a combined weight of 14 pounds, 9 ounces. April, 42, and her husband, Brad Dooley, have a five-year-old daughter at home. This birth of triplets doubled their family.

The boys are healthy, with Liam needing surgery for an intestinal problem, but the surgeon told the couple everything was fine after the procedure was completed. The three identical boys were born about six weeks early, but with multiple births, premature babies are common.

Probably the most astonishing aspect of the identical triplets is that this was a natural conception. April did not undergo any fertility treatments, which is what most expect to hear today when a multiple birth other than twins is announced.

Naturally conceived triplets are extremely rare, the odds are one in a million births. The identical birth means that after the egg was fertilized, it split in three. Fraternal triplets occur when three babies are from three different eggs, which is what triplets of fertility treatments also produce.

After having two miscarriages, April Dooley said they were trying one more time and this was the result of that last try! Most would say they certainly gave it the old college try to produce a result of their three beautiful newborn sons!