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Identical triplets born in California

One Southern California couple is celebrating the birth of identical triplets, according to a Jan. 22 ABC News report. April Dooley and her husband Brad welcomed their three sons, Patrick, Owen and Liam on Jan. 13. All three boys were born in approximately four minute intervals, with a combined birth weight of 14 pounds, 9 ounces.

Conceived without the help of fertility treatments, it is no surprise that the couple, who already have one daughter, 5-year-old Kaitlyn, were stunned to learn they were carrying triplets after their first ultrasound. “My husband said, 'Is that three?' I go, 'Three what?' My husband said, 'three babies,'” Dooley said.

KABC-TV Los Angeles reports that one of the biggest challenges now for the couple, among other things, is telling the boys apart. What makes the boys’ birth even more special is that multiples do not run in the family. “We were very shocked when we found out we were having three babies because we did nothing to have more than one and multiples don't run in our family. So once we got over the shock, we've just been really excited and anticipating this day, 42-year-old Dooley said.

Dooley and her husband just wanted a companion for their daughter, and ended up doubling the family. “We were trying for one more time,” Dooley told the Orange County Register. “I had had two miscarriages. We were just trying one more time to get pregnant.”

All three boys are healthy, despite arriving six weeks early.

The chance of having naturally born triplets is about one in half a million births, KABC reports, but it appears California is ready to beat the statistics. A few months ago, another set of identical triplets was born to Hannah and Tom Hepner at the Sutter Memorial Hospital. Abby, Brin and Lauren Hepner arrived on Nov. 22.

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