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Ideas for using burlap favor gifts bags for baby showers and bridal showers

Burlap bags make wonderful ways to wrap gifts for showers

Burlap cloth bags are a great resource to use as gift bags, party favor bags, baby showers, bridal showers, and ways to hold items such as jewelry, candles, crafts and accessories.

The bags can be easily decorated by using stamps, adding stickers to them, use paint or markers on the bags, embroidering a letter on the bags, and adding accessories. The burlap bags can be personalized for a wedding or baby shower and filled with candy, gifts, or special surprises for your guests.

Burlap gift bags look pretty, like gift wrapping, and can be imprinted with a special message or brand with a logo and tag line.

Gift bags are great marketing tools for your business because the bags get reused for a long time and get noticed over and over again. The gift bags also show that your business is eco-friendly by using gift bags made of natural materials.

Wedding planners and brides and grooms will enjoy these because they can add a custom message and your special design feature, will make a well-remembered wedding occasion

Using a smaller burlap cloth bag for a baby shower is a fun and inexpensive way to share them with your guests. Fill the bags with candy and gifts or have them open the bags and unveil a pink or blue surprise to announce the baby’s gender.

Decorate the burlap bags in the theme of your baby shower by adding stickers or taking a stamp and using it to stamp the theme on the outside that matches the theme of the baby shower.

Use the bags for bridal showers by decorating the small burlap cloth bags and filling them with candy, candles, small soaps or other small gifts for your guests to enjoy. The possibilities are endless and your guests go home with a reusable and eco-friendly burlap bag.

The bags can also be used for parties, business functions, craft shows, holidays, and events to give items away in.

The small burlap cloth bags come in sizes of 5”x6” and burlap cloth bags, 5 3/4 x 9 ¾”' with a drawstring that can close in your items. The bags are eco-friendly, have drawstrings and come in a pack of 12 here. You can use the coupon code AFF15 for a limited time to receive 15% off your order.

Find burlap wedding favor bags, party favor bags, and gift bags on Amazon in lot quantities also.

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