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Ideas for smarter eating

Grocery Shopping

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It’s OK to mix frozen or precooked food with fresh items (like broccoli) if it helps you get tasty, nutritious meals on the table faster. Healthy eating isn’t an all-or-nothing deal,” according to BHG health and nutrition advisor Dr. Melina Jampolis. “Just try to make smart choices while shopping, and do the best you can at cooking.”

You don’t have to always pick fresh produce, especially if it’s not fresh. “Check out the plain frozen produce instead,” said Dr. Jampolis. “It’s just as good for you-if not better-because it’s flash frozen to retain nutrients.”

Restaurant Eating

Dining with one person can increase your calorie intake by 35 percent versus eating alone, says Brian Wansink, Ph.D and director of the Food & Brand Lab (Cornell University, Ithaca, New York), citing research by former Georgia State University psychologist John de Castro.
If you’re dining with three people, that number jumps to 75 percent (this is partly due to good manners): We don’t want to push away our plates before others at the table are finished.
To avoid overeating, try to be the last person to chow down, and reserve a few bites on your plate just in case you finish first and want to retain a polite nibble.

Did you know that food is perceived as tasting better when it’s served on fancy china plates instead of a paper one (or plain plate)?
And people tend to eat at least 90 percent of what they have in front of them-no matter how big the plate may be.

Additional Info

There are three reasons why it’s hard to stop eating highly processed food:

1. It’s very easy to eat; there’s no bones, pits or other things to deal with in the process of gulping it down. Instant gratification!

2. The texture is pleasing and tantalizing. This food is designed for ultimate “feel good in the mouth”-which can also affect your better judgment!

3. It’s a full force of flavor. Sugar, fat and oil, plus additives will jack up the taste far beyond what you’d fine in nature.

Source: “”Better Health-Smart eating made simple” by Stephanie Anderson Witmer-Better Homes and Gardens, March 2011

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