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Ideas for repurposing or recycling common objects in your house

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Here are some ideas for repurposing common objects in your house:

  • Take a ceramic mug and write or draw messages on it. Then bake it at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Now you have a new mug.
  • How do you tell your keys apart? Take colored nail polish and paint the top of each of them a different color.
  • Use a pot holder to make a travel iron holder. Fold it in half and stich up the sides.
  • Make your own spray paint. Use a 2 oz fingertip spray bottle. Mix it 2 parts paint, 1 part water and shake well.
  • Create a pallet couch. Stack 6 pallets in your configuration. Use thick foam to make padding and cover in fabric. Then bling it out with your pillows.
  • Coffee candles!!! Use a small bowl filled with coffee beans and place a tea light in it. Light for an aromatic experience!
  • Use PVC pipe or old paint cans stacked for shoe storage.
  • Have magazines lying around? Stack them on something flat with a pillow on top, then use 2 belts to hold it together.
  • Glue wine corks into a picture frame to make your own cork board.

Have fun & be creative!

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