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Ideas for positive thinking using hypnosis

Over the years I have found that the simplest and quickest hypnosis induction was using the Spiegel Eye Roll. A detailed description of this method can be found in the book by Drs. Herbert Spiegel and David Spiegel Trance and Treatment. The method is as simple as looking up and closing ones eyes to facilitate induction into hypnosis.

The most reasonable script book that I have purchased over the years is entitled The Self-talk Solution by Shad Helmstetter. Years ago I purchased this used paperback book for about $.75 and it has been invaluable in my practice of clinical hypnosis. This book per se is not a hypnosis script book, but actually written with over 2000 self-talk messages that are based on Rational Emotive Psychotherapy. Rational Emotive Psychotherapy was popularized by Albert Ellis at a time when the prevailing counseling method was Client-Centered Therapy by Carl Rogers. What impressed me about the book by Helmstetter is that each of the over 2000 self-talk messages is positively worded and simply stated which is perfect to use in hypnosis.

Finally, one of the most innovative inductions that I found particularly helpful in working with children comes from a book entitled Inventing The Future by Marillee Zdenek in which she uses a guided imagery method of waiting for a train and then taking a train ride. Her guided imagery scenarios are the perfect for creating hypnotic sleep tapes for children especially her Chapter "Making Peace with the Past." Particularly powerful is her Chapter, "Imagining for Peace" which brought tears to an adult group which participated in this guided imagery.

Hopefully these ideas will help you to be feeling good today and better tomorrow!

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