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Ideas for new moms: Toddlers

Frustrated about the load of housework, but wanting to spend time with your toddler? Get he or she involved in cleaning up with you. Turn it into a game. My toddler loves it when I ask her to help throw trash away. It's a game for her when she takes a piece to the trash can and puts it in and then runs back. When she does it over and over again, it's a game to her. Mostly anything can be turned into a game for a toddler through repetition of any motion. Another example of such would be putting clothes in the washer and dryer. Toddlers love going back and forth.

Is your toddler scared of loud noises? Develop a routine around the loud noises you can't avoid--like the vacuum cleaner. When I have to vacuum, I tell my daughter ahead of time, and then she goes to the other room with her daddy until I am done. Now she is less afraid and getting curious about the vacuum.

Does your toddler get into cupboards? Instead of locking them all shut, leave one or two open to play with. My daughter plays with the tuppeware cupboard in the kitchen, and she also has a cupboard for her toys in the living room. When she started to open bathroom drawers, I gave her her own small dresser for toys. In this way, your toddler can still explore how things work, while staying safe.

Enjoying these ideas? Look for more ideas to come in future articles.

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