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Ideas for contacting state legislators about HB12-1286

If you're stuck as to what to write or say to legislators about HB12-1286, filmmaker/ gaffer/ actor Nelson Goforth, who's been working in Colorado's film industry for over 25 years, has the following suggestions for talking points:

1. Film production is a green industry that requires no state investment in infrastructure, yet filmmakers and crew spend money on hotels, local crew and talent, catering, construction, etc. A great many businesses benefit both directly and indirectly. “When shooting for just four days of [the Jennifer Garner film] ‘Catch and Release’ the businesses along the Pearl Street Mall and throughout Boulder couldn't believe the boost in business (the film was bringing in money for two months even before the shoot days).”

2. The opportunity for local film crews to learn from the masters. “Film production really depends upon a loose apprenticeship/mentoring model. Without larger productions coming to the state these mentorships disappear, and every level of local production - small films, commercials, even corporate video - suffers from a lack of experience.”

3. Local film production boosts tourism by highlighting the beauty and diverse recreational and scenic attractions our state has to offer.

Actors might also add that in addition to the higher pay that is customary in larger productions, the experience of being on a highly professional set and the prestige that comes from performing roles in professional film and TV productions increase their skill set and their earning power. Not to mention, they’ll be paying income taxes to Colorado instead of some other state.

Screenwriter Haylar Garcia writes: “Colorado is looked upon favorably in the industry as a very desirable location due to its diverse seasons and broad look which can range from rural to urban. It is only our current lack of relevant incentives that keeps Colorado from becoming the next US Mecca for the film industry.”

“A high-dollar industry like film and television production will provide much needed job growth, and create stimulations in so many of the existing and related industries. … Our New Mexico neighbors have capitalized with great success in this industry. We have the supreme benefit of using their triumphs and mistakes as a model for an even greater success.”


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