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Ideas for a snow day in Boston for kids parents


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Game Day!
Pull out all of those board games in the closet. Whether it's checkers or Monopoly, the kids will love sitting down to a game with the whole family.

Get outside!
The weather outside might be frightful, but dress the kids up nice and warm and head outside! Make a snowman, snow angels, and have a snowball fight. Don't forget your camera. It'll be fun to look back on those photos when the hot and humid summer rolls around.

Do Good!
Grab the shovels and clean the sidewalk of an eldery neighbor. It will be much appreciated, and the kids will get to feel what it feels like to help others.

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Host a Winter Picnic!
Take a break from your outdoor activity and have a winter picnic. Serve piping hot chocolate out of a thermos and cookies straight from the oven. How much fun is that?

Explore the Library!
Call to see if your local library is open during the snow. Pack up the kids and either walk or drive to your local library. Discover new books while enjoying the view of the snow.

Check out a New Museum!
The Museum of Science and The Children's Museum are great excursions on snow days. Leave the car at home, and take the train! It's an easy way to travel in the snow and the kids will love it!

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Sledding Fun!
Grab the sleds and hit the hills. There are many great hills in local Boston parks for sledding with the kiddos. Looking for a little more adventure? Pack up the kids, the sleds, and thermos of hot chocolate and head to Larz Anderson Park. There are great hills with a view of the Boston skyline.



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