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Idaho family wants dog to be labeled vicious after their teen was bitten

Mom wants dog to be declared vicious
Mom wants dog to be declared vicious
Screen shot via ABC News 8

According to Thursday's ABC 8 News, an American Falls, Idaho, family wants a dog to be declared vicious after their teenage son was bitten by the dog at a party earlier this month.

In the midst of a house party on July 5, 17-year-old Robert Odom tumbled off the back porch stairs and when he landed, the dog who lives at the house bit him.

The teen's mother, Katrina Evans, believes that the dog should be deemed vicious by the city because of of an ordinance which outlines the stipulations to declare a dog vicious:

"Any dog with a known propensity, tendency or disposition to attack without provocation, or cause injury, or to otherwise threaten the safety of human beings or domestic animals or;

"(B) Any dog which, without provocation, has attacked or bitten a human being or domestic animal;

The police, or city animal control, are able to use their discretion to determine if a dog falls within the parameters which would warrant the label - in this case, they have not found adequate proof that the dog who bit the teen is vicious.

Perhaps because of the clause "without provocation" which in this case, would likely not apply because the dog unexpectedly encountered the body of a 260-pound teen who inexplicably landed in his yard.

Police Chief Brandon Wilkinson had indicated that his department is investigating the situation and they found that the dog in question has had no prior complaints, and the dog was kept within a fenced yard and was secured by a leash.

Evans is determined to see the dog labeled as vicious, telling ABC News 8:

If the wounds he received aren't vicious, I don't know what is. ... Robert's a big kid at 260 pounds. What if a 40- or 60-pound kid is walking through the area and they get attacked? What is the council going to say, then? 'Oops, my bad' as they put that kid in the ground?"

There were ramifications for some party-goers on the night of the incident - citations were issued to some attendees for underage drinking.

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