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Ida strengthens to a category 2

Hurricane Ida's Forecast Track
Hurricane Ida's Forecast Track
(National Hurricane Center - NOAA)

The winds are up again this afternoon on Ida with maximum sustained winds of 105 mph.  The window for further intensification is closing and weakening is expected as the hurricane encounters cooler Gulf waters and an unfavorable upper level environment.  Ida is expected to lose its tropical characteristics as a cold front interacts with the system, which may occur around the time of landfall on the northern Gulf Coast.  Even so, the expect effects from Ida will not change with storm surge, winds, and heavy rain.  Windy conditions continue across South Florida with unfavorable conditions out on the water for swimming and boating.  Ida is still forecast to make a right turn and move toward the southeast affecting peninsular Florida as an extratropical system along with the approaching cold front.

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