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ID@Xbox program plans for the future with 'NERO' and 'Get Even'

Photo courtesy of Microsoft, used with permissoin.

There are a plethora of independent game developers seeking to prosper under Microsoft's ID@Xbox program. Some have already seen the light of day like Guacamelee Super Turbo Collectors Edition, others such as Threes! and Plague Inc: Evolved look to expand what's deemed acceptable on the Xbox Live Marketplace. However, Examiner recently got a chance to check out some of the more unique, distant titles coming to Xbox One in The Farm 51's Get Even and Storm in a Teacup's NERO.

One glance at Get Even and you'll grasp its visual superiority. But how does a small Polish studio manage to achieve such graphical fidelity? The answer lies in their location scanning technology that allows the studio to import real world locations using high tech 3D scanning cameras.

Players enter memories triggered by various photographs hung on tack-boards and investigate occurances through many short excursions in these recollections. However, some things can be altered and doing so opens up new information, new avenues, that the player can then utilize upon returning to the real world. You aren't a hero and everything is discovered through gameplay. At no point does the game seize control from you. With such an emphasis on a Butterfly Effect-esque experience, The Farm 51 wants to make sure players truly feel responsible for causing an impact.

Storm in a Teacup shares similar motivations, seeking to reinvent the visual novel. The Italy based developer has created an alluring bio-luminescent forest full of puzzles and grandeur for the player to explore. Most of the world is represented and revealed craftily using the environmental, color clues, and a couple nudges here and there from what can only be described as a black hooded character. The studio's creative director was tight lipped regarding many details saying that any detail could be a major spoiler.

"What are you ready to sacrifice for someone else," he asks us. As far as what you're sacrificing or who you're doing it for, we'll have to wait to find out. Storm in a Teacup is aiming for a Q1 2015 release.