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ID request goes too far?

92 year-old Diane Taylor
92 year-old Diane Taylor
Harlow Star Newspaper -

An interesting item popped up this morning about Diane Taylor, a 92-year old woman who was trying to buy a bottle of whiskey at her local convenience store in England. Apparently the store had its license revoked in 2007 for selling to underage buyers and the store has since taken a zero-tolerance policy on documentation. Unfortunately for Diane, she doesn't have a driver's license or passport and the other documentation she was able to provide were unable to pass muster with the store clerk.

As the baby boomer population ages, both here in the US and worldwide, more and more individuals will find themselves in this boat. Not everyone who is over 21 has a driver's license or passport or other government ID that may be readily accepted by liquor and convenience store clerks. It is likely that other forms of documentation will need to become the norm as boomers stop driving but keep buying alcohol. Many states in the US have legal ID cards that are not licenses to identify their citizens - this is the path that many aging consumers will need to take.

What other concerns do you think will face an aging but imbibing population? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.