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ID Card Workshop (Software) For Effective Membership Management

Membership management can be a time consuming and tedious process, especially for large businesses and organizations that have lots of employees and customers. Therefore, ID Card Workshop is nothing, but a blessing for such businesses and companies. This is a powerful membership management and ID card software that’s extremely easy to use. With it, it is possible for a business to make a variety of cards with ease, whether they are VIP cards, employee badges, ID cards, loyalty cards and membership cards. Apart from that, it requires very little effort on behalf of the user as only a few clicks are needed for issuing cards and also managing the records of those that have been issued.

The user interface of ID Card Workshop is consistent and the software itself is user-friendly, which means that no expertise is needed by people for using it. It is also highly reliable and can be used for searching important data. With the creation of this software, gone are the days when cards had to be made and laminated by hand, which was a tiring and time-consuming process. Some of the prominent features that have made ID card workshop the top choice of companies and businesses are mentioned below:

  • Professional ID Card Design: This software comprises of a multi-layer designer that can be used for inserting text, images, vectors, 1D barcodes and 2D barcodes. There are several templates also available that can be used for making different types of cards.
  • Membership Management: There are three basic steps that can be undertaken in membership management. The first step is that of enrollment in which pictures can be taken with a webcam and membership records can be inputted easily. The second stage is that of Record manager in which records can be edited, deleted or modified as per the preference of the user. The last step is that of record seeker where records can be located by searching. Barcode scanning compatibility is also offered, which makes on-site card verification extremely simple.
  • Variety of Templates: There are built-in templates designs that are commonly used by most businesses and they are in the sizes that are used widely.
  • Support For different Equipment: ID Card Workshop can be easily used with digital cameras, webcams and scanners. People can easily capture images and photographs that are then directly used for designing cards.
  • Database Support: This particular software can be used for accessing information from various databases whether they are SQL, MS Assess or MS Excel data sources.
  • Printer Support: Different printers are also supported by ID Card Workshop, which includes consumer level inkjet or laser printers and even professional ID Card printer.
  • Magnetic Stripe Encoding: The software also provides support for magnetic stripes that can be used with printers that are compatible with it.
  • Built-in Javascript Engine: It is also possible for a business to create custom scripts and extend the ID Card Workshop if they need to do so.

With so many features and a reasonable price, ID Card Workshop is one of the ideal membership management softwares to be found today.

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