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ICv2 releases hobby 2013 hobby survey results; D&D drops out of top 5

Internal Correspondence #85
Internal Correspondence #85

ICv2 released yesterday the results of its hobby game survey in Internal Correspondence #85, defined as games produced for the gamer market that are sold primarily through hobby- and card-specialty stores, inclusive of collectible, miniature, board, card, dice, and role-playing games. The net total: $700 million at retail.

The categories, broken down by game type from largest to smallest, are as follows:

  1. Card Games: $450 million -- Magic: The Gathering is showing weakness, but Pokemon and My Little Pony are making up the difference. Boss Monster and Adventure time are also selling out.
  2. Miniatures Games: $125 million -- Star Wars X-Wing and Star Trek Attack Wing lead the pack.
  3. Board Games: $75 million -- Board games continues to grow amongst both hardcore gamers and non-gamers.
  4. Card and Dice Games: $35 million -- Marvel Dice Masters is doing very well.
  5. Role-playing Games: $15 million -- Of noteworthy for Spring 2014 is that Dungeons & Dragons didn't even make the list.

The Spring 2014 role-playing game market is undergoing a predicted churn as Dungeons & Dragons gears up for release this year, dropping out of the top five:

  1. Pathfinder (Paizo Publishing)
  2. Star Wars (Fantasy Flight Games)
  3. Shadowrun (Catalyst Game Labs)
  4. Fate Core System (Evil Hat)
  5. Numenera (Monte Cook Games)

It's the first time D&D was missing from the Spring rankings since ICv2 began charting hobby game sales a dozen years ago. In the meantime, Pathfinder is picking up the slack. The next quarter will likely show a serious shakeup as the D&D hype machine gears up.

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