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Iconic legendary first lady of comedy Joan Rivers dies at 81

Rivers comedy like waters passing through the earth will flow eternally..
Rivers comedy like waters passing through the earth will flow eternally..
Diary Of A Mad Diva

America has lost our first lady of comedy, Joan Rivers. We all know her as one of the first comedic women host of many talk shows, but some knew her as a mother. Her daughter Melissa was in a production of Damn Yankees in Sherman Oaks California when I just happened to be playing Joe Hardy back in 1983. The entire cast knew Melissa was the daughter of the funny comedian, but most just thought of Joan Rivers as Melissa's Mother. The Los Angeles community had embraced the family, even through some very difficult times. Joan lost her husband Edgar to deep depression, when he took his own life. The network wanted Joan to fire her husband, but Joan refused to do so, soon being left without no show, but a globe full of fans. "The globe has lost a legendary comedian, the first lady of comedy!" Broadway Global.

At 81 Joan Rivers was not afraid to to speak her mind. Her comedy led her to QVC selling her own brand of products. It may be ironic that the last piece of comedy she left us with was her personal comedic diary. The Diary Of A Mad Diva is sure to hit record sales. Joan walked out of her interview on CNN while promoting the new book, she hosted countless awards shows sharing the best and worst dressed stars. But it will be her unforgiving comedy from truth that has touched our hearts forever.

Joan Rivers left her legacy behind at 1:17 p.m. according to Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. Her daughter is quoted saying "My Mothers greatest joy in life was to make people laugh. Although that is difficult to do right now, I know her final wish would be that we return to laughing soon." Melissa Rivers. "Our hearts go out to Melissa, families and friends who will remember Joan Rivers as our first lady of comedy. Class comes from honesty, and Joan was not afraid to speak the truth, in fact Rivers found comedy like waters find rocks flowing through life. Rivers comedy, like waters passing through the earth will flow eternally. We have lost a comedic legend!" USA Theatre Chat.