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Icing Valentine's Day? Warm their heart!

Local Valentine's Day, icy start with warm finish in North Carolina.
Local Valentine's Day, icy start with warm finish in North Carolina.
Loretta Arnold, Raleigh Headlines Examiner

Question remains, will you be sleeping on the couch tonight? Preventing black ice from overshadowing this heartfelt day relies on some creative giving. And if you can't cut yourself open and hand your heart to a lover on a silver platter than try these last minute Valentine's Day time sharing and gift giving ideas.

Forget purchasing a diamond. A quick buy on a last minute diamond can only spell out trouble both financially and emotionally. Add physical to that list if the diamond comes flawed. Ignore poster size cards. No one has enough space on their table. What do you get or do for the one you love in such short notice?

Cabin fever from Pax? Take them out!

"RoboCop", just released. Robo-Cool for two action packed couple who are not expecting the original "RoboCop" instant rewind. This film is not to be compared. False red flag? It's a PG-13 but don't let that fool you. Critics agree, RoboCop shoots a lot of people during the movie's political vortex. A viewer can't watch an action pack film without purchasing snacks, popcorn and a drink. Let's just say a Cupid treating someone to a movie ultimately aims high - in cost. Wallet? Don't leave home without it.

"About Last Night", again new! The cast spells out only one thing - comical. Here you have Kevin Hart and Regina Hall. Need we say more? If you're looking for a flick about two people facing the wild world after shacking up together for a naughty post-bar fling, this might satisfy. Critics review this film as light, funny, energetic and less predictable than your average fun loving movie. Kevin Hart. Regina Hall.

"Endless Love" reminds teens that their world does matter when it comes to good loving. But no one else does. Two teens get intimate followed by parental anxiety and a whole lot of little loving. Yes, not the "Endless Love" showstopper and possibly a sleeper cell (potential yawner). But it's about love and can be viewed on Valentine's Day in local cinemas.

Movies on Netflix?

Who loves you most? Why, that would be yourself. So, on Valentine's Day treat your favorite person to a night of heartfelt horror "flix", on Netflix. Here are three movies with hints of bad, and good, love to view.

"LOL" (2012) with Demi Moore and Miley Cyrus. No, there's no ball and chain to swing on in this flick. It's actually a good film, well-directed, nicely portrayed. The movie is about a girl, her mother and friends who would love nothing more than independence from their families. A feel good film indeed. Even for one on Valentine's Day.

"Love Actually" is not walking dead. Andrew Lincoln changed his name at the onset of his career - to Lincoln. If the actor wanted to snag American interest he could have changed it to 'Grimes' and still captured hearts. But "Love Actually" is and older film from 1996. Meaning, it's not all that but hey, we're talking Rick Grimes, or shall we state, the lighter side of Andrew. I'm personally going to view this film for the first time tonight because I find Andrew Lincoln to be a fascinating actor with multiple levels of skill. If he continues his success we're looking at another future icon classic in the making. One that viewers will speak of for decades to come.

And Netflix has "The Walking Dead" on instant! To catch the front eight of S4 visit and keyword: Walking Dead S4 Episode 1 (or whichever episode you desire). By now you may even run across E9 (last Sunday's WD.

"The Switch" with Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman. Cup of good loving can make all the difference but what happens when a cup of sperm meant for one woman to have a baby is accidentally, and literally, drained in a bathroom by a non-donor? Does the person holding that cup fill it with face cream in hopes no one notices? Why no, no they do not. One man panics and replaces the drained sperm with his own before doing his buddy the favor of running over the cup to the clinic so Aniston can be basted properly in hopes of becoming pregnant. That kind of mix up could cost a lifetime of drama, and one great Valentine's Day movie for a single person or two.

"All The Boys Love Mandy Lane", oh Mandy. This chick is wanted by everyone who sees her. She never falters to any advance, no matter how they try. To me she appears like a happy-go-lucky intelligent farm girl with a running start in life. But nothing that stands out that thick. Now, this flick is a B-rated twist by all means. And a tad emo. Yet there's something about a storyline that teeters a mystery killer amongst friends. Spoil alert! As characters die, and a good looking military hunk at the ranch lives, Mandy, sweet Mandy, rides away with her candy in the sunset. This is when the true killer turns false victim. No one knows but Mandy because all the boys (and some self-absorbed chicks) are that stupid.

Whether movies, or not, Valentine's Day is designed to lock the love in place with "I love you" reminders. How many ways can you say I love you? Check out what's in-store.

A low-grade dinner with a top choice dessert. Pick up a sub, their way, at Subway or have a heart shaped pizza from participating pizza shops delivered. Top that with an excellent dessert. Purchase everything you need for a hot fudge Sundae - could be Butterscotch, could be plain ice cream smothered with nuts, jimmies, candies, fruits or strawberries toppled by whipped cream and a cherry. Or just pick up a banana style split at the local ice cream shop. The local grocery stores usually celebrate Valentine's Day with preparing heart shaped cakes ahead of time.

A card under the pillow is not a good idea. Been there, done that. A person can get mixed up signals from that surprise. "Did they forget?" "Should I not buy them a card?" Try and remember that Valentine's Day is not what you get but what you give - unconditionally means just that. Unconditional. So, with that said, buy someone a card and don't wait until last minute to deliver because they just may be waiting to 'hear' from you first before they make their V-Day move. If you truly love them, it will not take getting a card to receive one.

Spoil alert: Not everyone will be as unconditional as you are.

Placing a card under a dish at dinner is nice. Presentable. Visit Blue Mountain online to deliver an e-card instead. Google Glass if you must or use the laptop in e-card search.

Low cost Valentine's Day offerings can also include a massage, by you - not to you. Oils can assist. Let the fingers do the walking and see how far they travel. If you expect the same in return than you're not celebrating Valentine's Day, you're celebrating 'balance-times' day. Again, not the same.

Give to those who deserve a wonderful Valentine's Day. Forget the selfish who have offered you difficult times. Because love doesn't need anymore critics. Love doesn't suggest giving to those who underhandedly hate the little things you do for them. Love trusts within reason throughout any season, even February. Love is what disruptive relationships are not. Cold hearts, cold life, cold holiday. And if you know they care for you and your heart skips a beat without them then what are you waiting for? Make an icy start a warm finish. Go get 'em tiger.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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