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Icing innovation: Relieve and recover with Icy Feet

Treat your feet to Icy Feet, the must-have icing innovation that’s an orthotic ice pack made specifically for the sole of your foot!
Treat your feet to Icy Feet, the must-have icing innovation that’s an orthotic ice pack made specifically for the sole of your foot!
Icy Feet/ Craig Synder

Treat your feet to Icy Feet, the orthotic ice pack made specifically for the sole of your foot that’s sure to bring much needed relief and recovery to foot ailments.

Whether you’re an avid athlete or one of the 20 million Americans who suffer from painful feet, ailing arches or tender tendons, fret no more, because Icy Feet — the latest icing innovation has hit the market by storm with the aim to make icing easy and efficient while eliminating the woes on your toes and feet. Icy Feet is a cutting-edge cold therapy cure-all that relieves everything foot related ranging from plantar fasciitis (heel pain), muscle strains, inflammation, metatarsalgia (pain at the ball of foot), bone spurs, throbbing and cramping.

So what makes Icy Feet unique?
Icy Feet is an orthotic ice pack that’s custom-made and anatomically correct with an engineered insole, elevated arch and recessed heel cup that provides a comfortable and custom feel made specifically for your feet, allowing for a precise fit and constant contact so your feet benefit from the effects of cold therapy. No need to add water or load up with ice, Icy Feet are instant cold packs- simply lay them flat in your freezer with the arch side facing down and remove when frozen solid. Slip on wearing socks, strap securely and enjoy the chill for 20 minutes or less for a soothing and healing experience.

Being a runner and fitness enthusiast, I put Icy Feet to the test to find out what makes these ice packs top cold-contenders. Having suffered from plantar fasciitis (heel pain) as well as metatarsalgia (pain at the ball of foot), I was ready to step into the benefits of cold therapy — and there was no better, more precise, more efficient and easier way than with Icy Feet. Here’s my rave review on why I fell head over heels in love with Icy Feet:

  • Cleverly convenient- Icy Feet are ready-to-use, simply place in your freezer flat with the straps down and allow to freeze solid. There’s no need to fuss with adding water to freeze or loading up with ice, because Icy Feet are self-contained cold packs that don’t need anything additional for you to enjoy. Icy Feet makes it cleverly convenient and efficiently easy to give your feet some cold therapy without the hassle. Since I simply needed to place Icy Feet in the freezer before using, I found myself frequently spending more time icing my feet throughout the day which I greatly benefited from
  • Custom-fit- Icy Feet mimic and mold to your feet thanks to the engineered insole, elevated arch and recessed heel cup that allow your foot to snugly step in. Icy Feet cradle your feet with an ultra-comfortable and precise-fit that’s easy and pain-free thanks to its anatomically-accurate shape and strategically-placed straps that hold your foot securely. Gone are the days when I used ice or gel packs that never contoured to the shape of my feet and didn’t quite fill the grooves and curves for the much-needed relief and cold-therapy I craved
  • Cold-therapy contact- since Icy Feet feature an awesome and anatomically precise fit for your feet, there is an exceptional amount of cold-contact that is achieved by wearing Icy Feet that can’t be matched by ice packs or other products. In return, because the precise points where I needed relief and attention were tended with cold therapy, I noticed the pain slowly subsiding after every use
  • Rapid recovery- although Icy Feet offers a one-size-fits-all fit, make no mistake because its universal fit is fused with an innovative orthotic foot bed that cradles your foot to power cold therapy action to the precise spots that need attention and treatment. Because Icy Feet cold packs are so easy yet effective to use, you will immediately reap the rewards from regularly wearing these icing innovations. Since I frequently treat my feet to Icy Feet, I have noticed the pain to be less distressing, my feet to feel more refreshed after a long day, and my plantar fasciitis and metatarsalgia seem to be more manageable and even less painful over time. Icy Feet is definitely a cutting-edge cold therapy cure-all that relieves foot ailments by treating the feet to cold-therapy for rapid recovery

BEHIND THE BRAND… had the opportunity to speak with Craig Snyder, President and Founder of Icy Feet to learn more about how this icing innovation came about:

Icy Feet was cleverly created by you, can you share a bit about your personal foot pain?

CS: As a father and active person I suffered from bilateral plantar fasciitis which made every step throughout the day very painful especially the first one in the morning, it was like I stepped on pile of nails. The pain first started in my left foot then moved over to the right foot due to overcompensation as I walked throughout the day.

What inspired you to create this innovative foot invention?

CS: After spending over $1,000.00 on new shoes, multiple doctor’s visits, physical therapy, cortisone shots, custom insoles — plus whatever else I was told to do, I found myself not doing the one home therapy that was mentioned multiple times by everyone: icing at home or work throughout the day. Why wasn’t I doing it? Because as we all know if it’s not easy and convenient we just don’t do it. So, after all of that I was sitting on my couch when my daughter brought me her lady bug ice pack and from that moment on Icy Feet was born, my thoughts were to invent an orthotic cold pack.

Icy Feet are truly one-of-a-kind on the market, they are custom-molded cold remedies made specifically for the feet- can you share a bit about the process in creating such an awesome and anatomically precise product?

CS: Let’s just say the process started with the bottom of a shoe, a box of clay and a lot of patience from my wife. She looked at me like I was crazy but after I was done with the mold and showed her how it would work she was on board and we have never looked back. We have used all local companies within a 20 mile radius of our home and every single person has been awesome. It’s amazing what people will do when they believe in the idea and want to see this become a reality.

Are there any feel-good stories you can share from Icy Feet customers that have reaped the positive rewards from regularly using Icy Feet?

CS: The whole adventure has been a feel-good story — we have sold over 15,000 units in just our first year and hope to double if not triple this with the help of our current customers. When I invented Icy Feet I thought it would just help people with Plantar Fasciitis but then came testimonial after testimonial and I realized it could be more.

We helped a cancer patient that was suffering from hand-foot syndrome during radiation treatments (also known as Palmar-Plantar Erythrodysesthesia, a side effect of some types of chemotherapy), his feet would get hot and he used the Icy Feet product to manage the burning sensation. Then we got a letter from a father that bought them for his daughter, she used them every night after basketball and it helped her get back on the court quicker, she had plantar fasciitis. Then we start connecting with teachers, doctors and hair dressers that were on their feet all day and they used the Icy Feet to calm their feet after a long day. We even had one doctor buy 5 pairs for his break room for his staff. We are even changing the way specialty stores try on shoes, while the staff retrieves the shoes they slip a pair of Icy Feet on the customers feet for a therapeutic experience. I have realized Icy Feet has great potential we just need help getting the word out there quicker and more efficient!!!!

Any there any new products in the works?

CS: At this point we are focusing on Icy Feet 1.0 but do have some additional ideas when the time is right.

Icy Feet is a must-have icing innovation for all who suffer from tired feet and foot ailments, as well as a feel-good health and fitness foot aid.

So treat your feet to Icy Feet, the must-have icing innovation that’s an orthotic ice pack made specifically for the sole of your foot! Icy Feet retail for $57.50 for a pair and $29.99 for a left foot pack or right foot pack. To shop for a pair of lcy Feet cold packs or purchase a single left- or right- foot cold pack please visit

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