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Icicles are seen during the winter

These icicles formed outside of my home in Newark, New Jersey.
Lucy Santos

They are unique works of Mother Nature after a snowfall. Some icicles are even shaped like claws. They appear resembling a magical gate outside of our homes. Icicles are also so strange that they look as if they come from another planet. When icicles fall by themselves or we knock them down with a broom, they sound like wind chimes. Icicles develop when ice or snow is melted by sunlight or some other heat source. Not only are icicles seen outside of homes, they can also be found on trees, in caves and in salty water sinking from sea ice. Large icicles are dangerous as they can damage buildings, cars and even injure people.

During the month of January, we had several snowy days in Newark, New Jersey and in the northeast. After the snowstorms, we have seen the wonders of the winter season unfold, such as birds coming close to our property searching for food. We have also seen the landscape turn white and of course the icicles.

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