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Iceberg twice the size of Atlanta could cause trouble for shipping

An iceberg twice the size of Atlanta is causing concern.
An iceberg twice the size of Atlanta is causing concern.
Russavia/Wikimedia Commons

An iceberg twice the size of Atlanta is causing concern as it moves into the ocean waters in the southern hemisphere off the coast of Antarctica. A piece of ice that large is hard to imagine, but it does exist. The iceberg even has a name. It is called B31. On April 22, CNN reported on the piece of ice that is now said to be entering ocean waters.

Why is this a concern? The iceberg is large enough that it will take a long time to melt, and it could cause major problems for ships in the shipping lanes in southern waters. Just how big is this iceberg? It has an area of 255 miles. Yes, that does make it twice the size of the city of Atlanta.

An iceberg that size could take a year to melt, but it is not the largest iceberg ever recovered. That was an iceberg named B15. That iceberg was the size of Connecticut. B31 is currently entering the Amundsen Sea. That is on the western coast of Antarctica.

With Earth Day today, the focus has been on making this world a better place. Concerns about global warming are once again proven by the existence of this iceberg. It broke off from a larger piece of ice back in November, and scientists have kept a close eye on it. The ice has now moved in a way that has scientists keeping an even closer eye on it. What do you think? Where will this piece of ice end up next?