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Iceberg twice the size of Atlanta: B31 iceberg could cause shipping concerns

Icebergs (not B31)
Icebergs (not B31)
Wikimedia Commons

An iceberg twice the size of Atlanta could cause some major shipping concerns during the Antarctic winter. According to CNN, the huge iceberg called B31 covers about 255 square miles. NASA has been tracking the iceberg which has moved from Pine Island Bay to the Southern Ocean. Fears that the iceberg will move into very dark areas where it can't be tracked are becoming a reality.

"The iceberg is now well out of Pine Island Bay and will soon join the more general flow in the Southern Ocean, which could be east or west in this region," iceberg researcher Grant Bigg said (via CNN).

The iceberg that is twice the size of Atlanta is also about one mile thick and the chances of it melting or just "going away" are slim. An iceberg of this size won't just disappear. There is a chance that the iceberg will break up but that could take a year... or longer.

According to The Epoch Times, the iceberg is floating into shipping paths and it could become a problem for boats in the area. If NASA is unable to track it and it keeps moving into an area where ships pass through, it could potentially be an issue.

An iceberg twice the size of Atlanta cannot be controlled -- it sort of needs to just do its thing. Hopefully it won't get in the way of ships and will break up over time.