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Ice-T says rap music got too soft for him

Ice-T recently spoke to Ice-T at the video release party for rapper Papoose’s single “6 a.m.” The track features verses from Jadakiss and Jim Jones, and Ice-T on the hook. Don’t count on new rap music coming from Ice though. He’s focusing on his thrash metal band, Body Count.

“I’ve got my rock album coming out this year,” Ice said. “Body Count got a new album coming out called Manslaughter. So I’m gonna f*** with that this year. I don’t know if I’m going to do another rap record. I gotta get inspired. Maybe I’ll come feature on a Papoose record or something. Manslaughter will be out June 10th. It’s hard. I had to go hard. Rap got real soft to me, so I said f*** it, I’ll do rock.”

Body Count was formed in 1990 by Ice-T and lead guitarist Ernie C., and gained infamy with their controversial 1992 protest record, “Cop Killer.”