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'Ice Road Truckers': Where will Darrell land tonight in battle of the ice roads?

'Ice Road Truckers': Will Darrell go VP Express or out on his own?
'Ice Road Truckers': Will Darrell go VP Express or out on his own?
History Channel via Facebook

'Ice Road Truckers' continues on its new night tonight, and the game has changed for both VP Express and Polar Industries. It was not a great surprise this season that IRT Darrell Ward was unhappy at Polar Industries--he’s pretty much a grump wherever he goes. But, making a move to VP Express may just give them the firepower they need to truly compete with Polar Industries--but what if he goes out on his own?

A storm raged last week--when is a storm not raging on the ice roads--and all of the drivers have been challenged to make their drops and return to get the big money in their pockets. But, snow on top of lakes was a particular problem for Todd, who returned with a light truck and deep snow facing him on the lake he had to cross. “I can’t see where the drifts are and where they’re not,” he said as he went forward, trying to keep his momentum and not get stuck on the ice--a potential deathtrap. But, what happened? He found himself stuck on the ice, and definitely not happy about it, to say the least. The longer a truck sits on the ice, the more pressure it puts on the ice. His only hope: Put on chains and try to dig his way out of his predicament. Even for a TV amateur, that sounded like a terrifying option! But, as he rocked and spun, he got rolling and, fortunately, off the ice safely. “What a sigh of relief!” he said.

But, problems or not, at least Todd was out on the roads; Darrell, meanwhile, was still waiting and arguing with Mark. And, although his boss said that Darrell is just "selfish" and not a "team player," who can really blame him? He's there to work and to make money--not to sit around on the sidelines and cheer-lead! So, it was no surprise when he walked last week--but where exactly will he land?

Of course, Art was NOT breathing a sigh of relief when he got a $500 fine and suspension from the roads for log-book violations. Was anyone surprised that foul-mouthed Art did not have his paperwork up-to-date? Perhaps getting rid of ol’ Art will be the best thing Polar Industries can do, even after just losing Darrell.

Tonight, on episode, “The Lone Wolf,” tensions get even higher between VP Express and Polar Industries. According to History Channel:

A defection in the ranks takes the battle for the winter roads to a whole new level. Hugh hatches a plan for VP Express to crush the competition, hauling the most lucrative load to date across treacherous terrain. The pressure is on Todd and Lisa to up their game and push further out into the frozen frontier.

Who will pull ahead tonight in the battle to command the ice roads? Will Darrell take his son’s advice and make his own power-play for the loads on the winter roads, or will he ultimately end up with VP Express? Stay tuned to 'Ice Road Truckers' on History Channel tonight at 10/9c to find out.

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