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'Ice Road Truckers' star arrest: Charged in kidnapping prostitute 'Snow White'

A former star of “Ice Road Truckers” was arrested after he allegedly kidnapped a prostitute in Las Vegas. Tim Zickuhr was a driver who appeared on “Ice Road Truckers” in the 2011 season. This is a popular reality show that airs on the History Channel, according to CNN News on April 22.

'Ice Road Trucker' star Tim Zickuhr arrested for kidnapping a prostitute in Vegas after she allegedly helped herself to his money.
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department handout

Zickuhr is accused of kidnapping Lisa Cadeau, whose professional name is ‘Snow White. He did this after he allegedly handed her his ATM card to go and retrieve the money he owed her for sexual services. The court documents state that Zickuhr became upset when he later learned that Snow White withdraw a hefty amount of money out of his account.

The prostitute helped herself to much more money than what he owed her, according to the trucker’s side of the story. While trying to recover the money that the prostitute owed him, he got himself into a bit of hot water with law enforcement, according to TMZ.

He tied up Snow White and locked her in a closet, the court documents state. He then told the prostitute to give him a phone number of someone who would bring him the money that she owed him, apparently in exchange for her. The prostitute had given Zickuhr the cell phone number of a police officer who she knew as a “citizen source.”

Zickuhr demanded that the man on the other end of the phone bring him $1,000. He told him to bring the money to a phone booth at Lynwood/Sahara in Vegas. If Zickuhr didn’t get this money he was taking Snow White to Mexico to kill her. This is what the trucker allegedly told the man on the other end of the phone and he had no idea that he was talking to a police officer.

The documents state that Zickuhr called the cop a few more times before the cop found him with the prostitute behind a Vegas casino. He arrested Zickuhr on the spot.

When Zickuhr was interviewed by the cops he told them of an alternate plan that he had for his captive. He said that he was going to place an ad on Craigslist and have the prostitute basically turn tricks until she made the amount of money that she owed him.

Zickuhr’s lawyer, Attorney Roy Nelson, spoke with CNN and he said that his client denies any criminal wrong-doing. The victim has “major credibility issues” said the lawyer. While the allegations are serious the lawyer said they have “just as serious questions as to this witness’ credibility and her version of events.”

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