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'Ice Road Truckers' makes slippery start into Season Eight on History

Alex Debogorski on the ice road for Season Eight!
Alex Debogorski on the ice road for Season Eight!
History Channel via Facebook

On the Season Premiere of “Ice Road Truckers, the guys--and lady--were testing out the ice road and hoping not to fall through to the bottom. Nerves were on the edge, and with good reason. As driver Todd Dewey said before starting his first crossing of the season, “If you go through the ice up here, there ain’t no going home, because you ain’t gonna get out.”

This season, the line-up of drivers starting the season is as follows:

  • Darrell Ward: Polar Industries
  • Lisa Kelly: Polar Industries
  • Todd Dewey: Polar Industries
  • Art Burke: Polar Industries

Pretty heavy on the Polar Industries side. Art in particular has an ax to grind with VP Express, after being fired last season (he didn’t start off so well at Polar this season, by the way, getting lost right off the bat and derailing a Polar delivery by at least 12 hours the first day), and Todd simply did not care to work at a business where the owner--Hugh Rowland--would never see anyone other than himself as the #1 driver for the company.

Last night’s show also highlighted how real this particular reality show is for the film crew as well as the drivers--something many viewers never consider. While making his first crossing, the camera guy in the cab with Todd asked about the load on the bed of the truck. Todd responded frankly, reminding the guy:

Listen, I know you like to ask me questions while I’m doing this, but if I go through, you’re going with me. And we’re both ****** dead. You’re going down with the truck and you ain’t coming back. You’re done. Your life’s over.

A stark reminder from an obviously nervous reality star not sure if he is going to make his first trip: It may be a TV show, but who knows what could really happen under these kinds of conditions?

Believe it or not, fan favorite Alex Debogorski will be driving for Hugh at VP Express. Will they make a Superteam, as Alex believes, or will they prove to be true rivals and implode on the ice road? Time will tell. In the meantime, famously devoted Alex will be the “Preacher Man” on the VP Express team; let’s hope his prayers of protection reach out and touch all of the drivers on the ice road this season, regardless of their company affiliation--or if they are drivers at all.

“Ice Road Truckers” airs on History Channel on Monday nights at 10/9c.

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