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'Ice Loves Coco' star Coco Austin talks plastic surgery

"Ice Loves Coco" star Coco Austin dishes on which body parts are real...and which are fake.
Photo by Mireya Acierto/Getty Images

Coco Austin is making the rounds promoting the launch of her new adult toy collection called "Coco Licious." On March 27, Bossip reported on Coco's recent radio appearance where she admits to which body parts are surgically enhanced and which are natural.

Coco was quick to set the record straight as for as plastic surgery and implants are involved. Although Coco's dangerous curves certainly look superhuman, she says most of her body is completely real. The only part Coco will admit to enhancing his her breasts. Coco admits to having breast implants when she was 18-years old.

As far as her booty, Coco insists it is 100% real. She even said she would worry about having butt implants because she would be afraid of them shifting or leaking. She went on to talk about her breast implants and how careful she is not to have any accidents with them.

In the wake the cancellation of "Ice Loves Coco," the reality star has stayed busy. In addition to her toy line, Coco also recently released a new fitness app. The idea behind her workouts is for women to be able to lose weight or stay in shape while still keeping their curves.

Coco has had her infamous backside for all the years she has been famous and pre-dating the popularity of butt implants. Do you think her famous cheeks are real or fake?

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